CP-SETIS’ Results Workshop and ICF Transition Event on 9 May 2017, Amsterdam

The objectives of this meeting:

(1) The main achievements of the CP-SETIS project;
a. The IOS database, which is an open repository for the IOS specifications
b. The IOS Cooperation Forum, which is an open group for all stakeholders interested in the IOS to cooperate and coordinate their IOS related activities,and which is scheduled to become a Working Group within ARTEMIS-IA
c. The Standardization Agenda, which is an update of the ARTEMIS Agenda on Standardization and scheduled to become the new ARTEMIS-IA Standardization Agenda.
(2) Project Presentation and Project Incubation

a. Currently running projects connected to the IOS will be presented by invited speakers (short talks, to get an overview of what’s going on)
b. Ideas for new projects in the funding programmes ECSEL, ITEA, Horizon 2020 and similar will be presented and discussed wrt. combining them into full-fledged project proposals, initializing or completing consortia, propose appropriate funding instruments, and – where necessary – ways to match these ideas with the objectives of the programmes calls.

Opportunity for IOS Stakeholders

This Workshop will therefore provided an excellent opportunity for IOS Stakeholders to get all the information about current and future activities wrt. IOS – in terms of projects as well as in terms of organizational matters like the ICF. It also provided an excellent chance to discuss and prepare new ideas for new IOS related projects in the context of large scale European funding programmes, which is one of the activities that ICF will support on a regular basis in the future.

Workshop Agenda

Introducing the IOS Cooperation Forum
11:00-11:15 Introduction, CP-SETIS Overview (Jürgen Niehaus, SafeTRANS)

CP-SETIS achievements
11:15-11:45 IOS database – An open repository for the IOS Specification (Christian El Salloum, AVL)
11:45-12:30 ICF: IOS Cooperation Forum (Jürgen Niehaus, SafeTRANS, and / Frédéric Loiret, KTH)
12:30-13:00 Strategic Agenda on Standardization For Cyberphysical Systems (Erwin Schoitsch, AIT)

IOS project incubation and project presentation
14:00-15:30 Invited presentations of projects resp. project ideas

15:30-16:30 Ideas for new projects in European funding programmes [content only for participants available]

  • Model federation and formal verification (Joel Champeau, Lab-STICC)
  • Model driven tool integration (Leile Etxeberria Elorza, Mondragon Unibertsitatea)
  • Quantitative Methods for CPS Engineering (Thomas Peikenkamp, OFFIS)
  • Collaboration and Archiving of Engineering (Kjell Bengtsson, Jotne)
  • Port folio and research capabilities of Jotne (Kjell Bengtsson, Jotne)

16:30-17:00 Define way forward, next steps